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State of the art services for each step of the music production,

from start to finish.

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Studio Time

(Engineer incl.)


Studio time is available for a minimum of 2 hours and it includes our audio engineer. Prices may very depending on the lenght of the session and the type of work required. Contact us for a quote.


(Engineer incl.)


Mixing sessions can be done with or without the client present in the studio. In case of a session without the client we have a server where audio stems can be uploaded.

Contact us for prices and info.


(Engineer incl.)


We can record voices, string instruments, wind instruments, percussions. We do not record live drums. The audio engineer is always included in the price. Contact us for more info.


(Engineer incl.)


Mastering service can be done online or with the client present. Our server is available for download/upload files.

Contact us for a quote.

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