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How much does it cost to book the studio?

Hourly rate is euro 40,00, for a minimum of 2 hours.
Booking all day costs euro 250,00 (from 9,00 AM to 7,00 PM, 1 hour for lunch excluded).
Prices include audio engineer and musician.

How much does it cost the studio booking for bigger projects?

If you need to make more tracks or an entire album, we can go for a forfait price, just call for a quote.

How many revisions are included in one session?

Prices include n.3 revisions for each project, next ones are euro 30,00 each.

Can I request the stems of my session?

Upon request we'll give you the entire set of stems of your song.
We will store your work on our archives for one year, then we will delete them.

Could I book the studio to play with my band?

Unfortunately no, we only are a music production & recording studio.

Why dont'you have an online booking form for the studio?

Our sessions are continuously subject to time changes so we couldn't guarantee real time updates of an online calendar, you can simply book a session with an e-mail, a call or via whatsapp

Which services are available online?

Mixing, mastering, editing and, in general, all services were the phisical presence is not needed, click here for more info.

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